Sergey Ivchenko was born in 1954 in Frankfurt on the Oder, Germany.

1976 Graduated from Art Institute, Moscow, Russia.
1975-1991: worked in various art studios in the USSR.
1990: as a member of the group of artists took part in the action "Falling of the Berlin wall", Berlin, Germany.
1991 immigrated to Israel.
1992-1994 worked as a computer graphic artist, and then as an Art Director in the "Utopia" company, Haifa.
1994-1996 began to sculpt in the sculpture studio in the Marbel-Tavor factory. At the same time he started to study iconography in the "Annunciation" nunnery, Nazareth.
1996-2000 Started to work in his studio in the artist's village, Ein ha Carmel. Painted icons and churches in the Galilee. An icon of his work "Transformation" was presented to Pope John Paul II and is located in Rome. At the same time he cooperated with the "Cesaria Gallery", Boca Raton, Florida.
Since 2000 he often visited Germany and exhibited his works in several cities throughout Germany. He worked closely with the German Art Society. His monumental works of this period are to be seen in the Beer museum, Schwetzingen, Internet Cafe Mannheim, Germany City Guard office, Mannheim, Germany Private Villa, Erfurt, , Herrenhof Mussbach, Germany. Many of his works are also part of private collections in Germany and throughout the world.

Sergey Ivchenko died tragically on 21st September, 2008

2008 Personal exhibition, Mussbach Herrenhof, Germany
2006 Personal exhibition, Speyer, Germany
2005 Group exhibition, Sent Moritz, Switzerland
2004 Personal exhibition, Migdal Haemek, Israel
2003 Group exhibition, "Hoffmann Gallery" Mannheim, Germany
2002 Personal exhibition, Private collection Erfurt, Germany
2001 Group exhibition, "Modern Art Gallery" Passau, Germany
2000 Group exhibition Veszprem, Hungary

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